About Us

About Trio

Inspire Technology is excited to announce the acquisition of Trio tablets.  Trio tablets are currently in more than 20 national retailers and are sold at more than 20,000 doors across the U.S.  Inspire Technology’s focus is innovation through inspiration seamlessly blends with the Trio mottos, “technology for all” & “be savvy, don’t settle”.

Inspire Technology, LLC is the product of an 18 year old legacy based in the consumer electronics business.  Inspire Technology is going back to the founder’s roots, where the foundation of the business is commitment to quality products, stellar service, and the determination to make technology affordable for all.

If you want to get inspired with us, please contact us. Stay tuned, more to come!

Inspire’s Vision

Our vision is to enrich our customers, our employees, & our surrounding communities with our products designed to inspire.

Inspire’s Mission

Our mission is to create a positive & productive workplace that inspires all employees to be better than the competition, and motivate them to continuously provide the best level of service to our customers and consumers. Founded by people with values & integrity, and backed by a legacy of value technology products that inspire.